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A mascara is an absolute makeup must-have – the key product in a woman’s bathroom – no doubts about it. When it comes to stunning lashes, nothing’s changed for ages. It is surprising that no other makeup product has ever been so popular. A mascara is simply unbeatable and no other cosmetic will top it.

How to choose the best mascara which is going to turn you into a gorgeous goddess? After all, it’s the beautiful lash makeup that makes you look classy, alluring and charming. It intensifies the color of your eyes, makes your face look rested, fresh and youthful. That is why you must get a brilliant mascara.

What is a good mascara like?

Most of all, it should have the right formula, consistency and a precise applicator which separates and evenly spreads the product without clumps. An ideal delivers flawless makeup, as well as protects, nourishes and regenerates – such mascaras are rare, making up a group of highly-prestigious products.

A good mascara has top-class pigments which guarantee ideal, deep black color: it is supposed to look brilliantly, no matter how strong the light is. The formula of the mascara should make up ideal composition which ensures freshness and durability all day long – without smudges, clumps or flaking.

High-quality mascara presents your lashes with fabulous length, volume and curl. Moreover, its wand delivers flawless makeup and eyelash separation, as well as leaves lashes clump-free even after applying three coats.

Is finding a high-quality mascara challenging?

Check out the following ranking – it presents the top best-selling mascaras. Choose your favorite and amaze with a gorgeous look and the effect of million lashes.

The best mascaras Reviews

NANOLASH – ABOUT The mascaras from Nanolash ensure everything a good mascara should feature. These include great nourishing formulas, perfect textures, and thoughtfully designed brushes that make the application easy. There are two mascaras to choose from – a thickening Volume Up Mascara and a lengthening and curling Length & Curl Mascara. The mascaras differ […]

2 beautiful eyes with Lashcode

LASHCODE – CHARACTERISTICS The mascara provides excellent extension, good thickening and intensified eyelash volume. It is specially designed for weak, faint-looking lashes yet it goes along with all types of eyelashes. The product has regenerating and nourishing effect, strengthens and stimulates growth thanks to an innovative, non-sticky formula. The pleasant, powdery, satin-like consistency ensures all […]


DIORSHOW PUMP’ N’ VOLUME – CHARACTERISTICS Mascara which is supposed to build unbelievable lash volume and extreme extension. Dior desired to surprise with the effect of very bold as well as flawless makeup. With this in mind, the consistency of the mascara should be non-stop fresh and creamy till the last drop of the product. […]


KAT VON D IMMORTAL LASH – CHARACTERISTICS Kat Von D Immortal Lash boasts about extended durability and it’s designed for short, faint, thinning lashes. The mascara ensures long-wear intense extension and thickening. Specially-designed formula keeps the product from flaking, smudging or dusting yet it comes off easily during makeup removal. KAT VON D IMMORTAL LASH […]


EXTREME PARTY MASCARA – CHARACTERISTICS Bobbi Brown Mascara is made for a night out makeup: the product is described as the boldest version among all Bobbi Brown Mascaras. It gives the false lashes effect, delivers extension, impressive thickening and lets you add next coats without risking spider legs effect or clumps. The mascara is also […]


LE VOLUME MASCARA – CHARACTERISTICS Le Volume Mascara is designed to build extreme volume, as well as precisely separate and lengthen lashes. Its consistency is quite wet; the formula is neither greasy nor sticky, it’s satin-like and really pleasant which makes the application easier and saves you from clumps. After opening, the mascara needs around […]


HYPNÔSE DRAMA MASCARA – CHARACTERISTICS Hypnose Drama is a famous and legendary mascara. As one of the first brands, Lancome launched a mascara with an untypically-shaped brush and deep ultra-black pigment which strikes you when you look at your lashes in the mirror, giving spectacular effect. The mascara is designed to – in accordance to […]


PUPA VAMP EXTREME – CHARACTERISTICS Pupa Vamp Extreme has been made for special tasks – it is supposed to give a scarily seductive look, eyelash definition and enhancement of each and every lash. It has an intensely black pigment (which fades in the bright lighting). You should know there’s an impressive choice when it comes […]


VOLUME REVEAL ADJUSTABLE – CHARACTERISTICS After the Volume Reveal (with the silicone brush) success, Bourjois launched Volume Reveal Adjustable in a more classic version with a traditional nylon-bristle brush. The mascara is designed to upgrade the entire lash line, making lashes thicker, longer and fuller-looking. However, its formula is quite watery so it’s really hard […]