Which mascara to choose? Types of mascara wands

It is said that the composition of a mascara and the type of wand determine the properties of a product. The shape of the brush and the material from which it’s been made also affect the final result. Is it really true? Does the shape of the wand matter? What are the types of brushes and what kind of brush is suitable for short eyelashes?

Does the shape of the brush matter?

Many women ask this question. Actually, it seems that the shape of the brush is not just a marketing trick and the same formula can give different results depending on how – and with what – it will be applied. For this reason, before buying a mascara, it’s good to think what we expect from it, and in the first place pay attention to the brush.

Types of mascara wands

It’s often the case – many women are looking for a mascara with a proper brush shape. What else is worth taking into account? The material from which the brush is made is not without significance. The silicone wand seems to be the best option because it is the most durable and enables the most precise make-up. It also separates even the smallest eyelashes.

Still, every woman should decide for herself what material she considers to be the best. In the end, there is no such thing as the best mascara or the best mascara brush – so many people, so many minds.

Check the most popular types of mascara brushes:

  • Comb brush
    It is best for short and not too thick eyelashes. It makes it possible to coat even the shortest lases, which gives an effect of optically elongated lashes.
  • Rubber, thin and long brush
    Its purpose is to maximize the lengthening of eyelashes. If during the first application you want to emphasize just the tips of your lashes, it’s enough to touch them lightly with the tip of the brush.
  • Tapered brush
    It is used to curl eyelashes located at the corners of the eye, which are often so short that the classic brush is unable to reach them. In addition, according to some women, with this kind of brush it’s possible to obtain a cat eye effect as well as a high volume without the risk of exaggeration.
  • Curved brush with bristles of different length
    It is most often available in silicone version. This is a frequent choice of women whose eyelashes are straight and hard to curl. The effect becomes gradually visible with the application of subsequent layers of mascara – the eyelashes are curled and the eyes emphasized. If we particularly care about the latter, it’s worth to consider a waterproof formula.
  • Ball brush
    This is the best brush if we want to reach every eyelash, even the shortest one regardless of its position. Its shape allows you to apply mascara at any angle, as a result the eyelashes are covered in 100%.
  • Micro brush
    The small brush reaches the eyelashes at the base and lifts them slightly, lengthening them optically.
  • Oversize brush
    This type of wand is thicker and adds volume. In addition, it’s extremely easy to use because a large amount of product accumulates on the brush thus only one stroke is enough for a spectacular effect. The oversize wand opens the eye, but the application requires some practice as it’s easy to obtain an exaggerated effect.
  • A flat plastic brush of a classic shape
    If there are women who find it difficult to decide whether they prefer a classic or a plastic wand, it’s good to remember that the latter enables a more precise separation of individual lashes and the application of mascara. Also, this brush prevents clumps and lumpiness.
  • Classic bristle brush
    Many women can never be persuaded to use wands other than classic bristle brushes. In some cases this is justified, for example for the owners of sensitive eyes. It turns out that classic brushes cause irritations less frequently than plastic ones. Although they can easily thicken the lashes and give volume, they will comb the lashes less accurately.

What kind of brush is suitable for short eyelashes?

Women who have short eyelashes should choose asymmetrical brushes with different length or small wands with tightly-spaced, short bristles. If we care about optically elongated eyelashes, we should reach for a small brush that will easily separate and extend eyelashes. For short eyelashes the tapered wand will also work – it will lengthen and thicken them.