Why do eyelashes fall out and how to stop it? The best eyelash care ideas

Eyelashes, just like hair, fall out when their life cycle ends to make room for new eyelashes. They are extremely important both for the appearance and the proper functioning of the body. However, the real problem begins when eyelashes fall out in huge amounts and in an uncontrolled way. Is it possible to find a remedy? Check what you can do to make your eyelashes healthy and strong again.

Eyelash loss – a standard or a disease symptom?

Eyelashes fall out every day and this is a normal process. Every day we lose two or three eyelashes. However, if we notice that there are more, we should go to the doctor as soon as possible and be properly examined. It is because excessive eyelash loss is often associated with serious illnesses. Most often it is a symptom of hormonal disorders, menopause or thyroid diseases. Another diseases responsible for eyelash loss can be inflammations of the margins of the eyelids, conjunctiva and hair follicles, alopecia areata. During chemotherapy people also suffer from eyelash loss. Fortunately, once the treatment is finished, eyelash serums help to regenerate the lashes.

Let’s summarize. The most common causes of eyelash loss include:

  • allergy to cosmetics or contact lenses,
  • taking some drugs,
  • thyroid insufficiency,
  • alopecia areata,
  • infections and inflammations of the eyelids and hair follicles,
  • free radicals,
  • environment pollution,
  • a diet low in with vitamins and minerals,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • eye surgery.

Do you know that trimming eyelashes generally weakens them and often results in eyelash loss? Do not do this if you want to look good, then. You can always use a curling mascara with a darkening effect if you’re not happy with how your lashes look.

Improper cosmetics

In general, waterproof mascara is not a good idea. The cosmetic itself as well as its removal can be very damaging for eyelashes. We often rub our eyes during the process which breaks the lashes. However, nothing deteriorates the condition of lashes as much as sleeping in make-up does. If you need a quick cure, use an eyelash serum that has a strengthening and moisturising properties.

Atmospheric agents

If the condition of your skin is weakened, eyelashes will not grow properly. Low temperatures, burning sun, rapid temperature changes and free radicals damage the hair follicles and bulbs, which in turn lead to the loss of eyelashes. In order to protect both eyelids and eyelashes, you can try creams and conditioners. It is important, however, that the product does not cause any side effects and does not irritate the eyeball.

Facial treatments

Another reason why your eyelashes fall out can be too intensive, too frequent and incorrectly carried out facial treatments. These include regular use of an eyelash curler, eyelash extensions, using a waterproof mascara. It’s recommended to give up some of the treatments or at least use the help of a professional beautician. Before and after such treatments, regenerating and nurturing products should be used.

Eyelash loss – remedies

  1. Castor oil is a tried and tested method popular among our grandmothers. The oil has moisturising and strengthening properties. Castor oil should be applied every evening after each make-up removal, until satisfactory results are obtained. You can use a cotton pad, a comb or a clean mascara brush. A small amount of castor oil should be applied to eyelashes, then the applicator should be thoroughly washed and dried. If the product gets into your eyes, wash them with warm water.
  2. Eyelash and eyebrow serums
    Products intended for strengthening and nourishing eyelashes and eyebrows are also a good way to prevent eyelash loss. They are especially recommended for those who often extend eyelashes in a beauty salon, use an eyelash curler or have undergone chemotherapy. They can be found in drugstores or on the Internet. Look for the products containing active and caring substances (vitamins A and B12, plant extracts).
    Do you know that a moisturising lipstick can be used for your eyelashes as well? The cosmetic needs to be colourless and odourless so that it doesn’t irritate the skin. Apply a small amount to the eyelashes and eyelids. Effect? Moisturised, glossy and optically enlarged eyes.
  3. Make-up removal
    It should be done as gently as possible, without strong rubbing of the skin. The condition of your lashes depends also on how this action is performed. Use a cotton pad and a make-up remover, then lightly press to the eyelids and wait until it dissolves. For waterproof cosmetics use a two-phase make-up remover.

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