How to make your eyelashes strong?

What is good for your eyelashes and what should be avoided? It turns out that in the pursuit of beautiful and healthy lashes, we decide to try very controversial methods that, when you really think of them and analyse their compositions, are unable to strengthen your hair in any way. Unfortunately, logic often fails us when it comes to beauty and words of advice repeated for generations might not always reflect the actual efficiency of the products. How to nourish them to grow sky-high lashes? Check if you take proper care of your eyelashes so that you can see the best results.

(In)effective ways to make your eyelashes strong and long

  1. Castor oil
    For eyebrows – yes, for eyelashes – not necessarily. Castor oil is a very thick, oily substance that contains ricinoleic acid – it can irritate the conjunctive when it gets to the eye (and, unfortunately, it is almost unavoidable). Also, castor oil is not recommended because this oily liquid causes discomfort in vision and is extremely difficult to wash.
  2. Green tea
    Green tea is excellent for our health, it has positive influence on the entire body. It contains polyphenols and eliminates free radicals but only when we drink it. Soaking a cotton pad in it and applying it to the eyelashes (in the form of a compress) will not help much. It might nourish the delicate skin around the eyes but will not improve the condition of our eyelashes.
  3. Eyelash serum with a brush
    There are many eyelash serums equipped with a small brush, similar to the one in mascaras. A product applied this way is not able to strengthen the lashes as it does not reach the hair follicles. Such a serum only protects the hair from the adverse effects of external factors or overdrying caused by a poor quality mascara (with a controversial composition).

IT WORKS! Effective ways to make your eyelashes strong and long

  1. A good eyelash serum – one with a small brush in the form of eyeliner. It is unique because this is the only one that can penetrate directly into the hair bulbs and strengthen the hair from the root. This way the growth cycle is extended, eyelashes grow thick, strong and dense surprising with their length. A good eyelash conditioner works from the first month of use. The application itself is comfortable – applied with a brush just behind the eyelash line once a day. The skin should be clean and degreased, whereas make-up removed for it to work best.
  2. Conditioning mascara – it turns out that between a mascara and a good mascara there can be a huge gap. The best mascaras contain a number of nutrients that care for your eyelashes. Mascara is able to moisturise hair and fill in the holes in the eyebrows.
  3. A good make-up remover – it’s good to check if your make-up remover contains only synthetic ingredients or maybe there’s something more that nourish and care for eyelashes. Many make-up removers can irritate the conjunctiva, so it would be best to choose one with the most natural composition.

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