Eyelash extensions: what is the procedure and what are the advantages and contraindications of it?

Are you tired of using an eyelash curler and having to do your lashes every single day? No matter how long you do it, you are never fully satisfied with the result? Evening make-up removal seems to be a complete waste of time for you? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, it’s time for you to learn something about eyelash extensions. Check what type of a procedure it is, its advantages and disadvantages.

What are eyelash extensions?

The treatment involves attaching one false lash onto each of natural lashes. Depending on the method chosen, one, two or three false lashes are attached to one natural eyelash. The effect lasts for about a month. After this time, the eyelashes should be refilled. The procedure should be repeated every four weeks. In general, eyelash extension treatment is painless and takes 1-2 hours.

After the treatment – useful information

Right after the visit in a beauty salon, your eyes must not come into contact with water and other eye care products or make-up removers. It would make it extremely hard for the false lashes to stick to the natural ones. Also, it’s important to avoid salty water and sun, as it can also influence the condition of the false lashes.

Eyelash extensions – advantages

  • they are longer and thicker than your natural lashes regardless of the care applied,
  • there is no need to use mascara – it’s a time-saver,
  • they are waterproof,
  • you can wear contact lenses.

Eyelash extensions – contraindications

As long as the eyelash extensions have been been made in a professional beauty salon, it is a safe procedure. However, there are some contradictions as well:

  • allergy to any of the substances used during the treatment, e.g. adhesive,
  • inflammation of the eye.

Remember that eyes are one of the most sensitive places on the whole body. Before you decide to undergo any treatment, share your doubts with a specialist.

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